Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Cruel Adventuress Visits Edinburgh Feb/March

Mistress travels once again - this time to bonny Edinburgh, a place I once stayed for a month as a performer many moons ago.

This time I shall be treading the slaves from the evening of Thursday February 28th until Tuesday 5th March late afternoon.

'Sessioning' from the infamous and exquisite central Edinburgh dungeon Maison De Debauch I will be conducting sessions within My capacities and wants - I am sure that slave/sub/sissy and I will meet those dark desires somewhere along the line.

So should you be in Edinburgh, from Edinburgh or can travel to Edinburgh then enquire now before I become all booked up.

Dinner, tea, cashpoint meets & visits to your home/hotel also possible!

Deposit required - read the contact page then get in contact.


Cruel Love,

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Cruel Adventures of The Cruel Adventuress

Well a thrilling trip to Berlin was had with the dear lady come slut lola. Read all about it and if you need some adventure in your life with this cruel yet fun Mistress then look no further.


What a cruel adventure in Berlin - so much fun! And You are so so amazing. i have ever more respect, submission, and appreciation for the sensational person that You are. One night of adventure with You and i swear my life looks and feels incomparably better. Being a plaything heals me :) 

i first of all would like to express how deeply i appreciate Your willingness to hop on a plane and come over. i am grateful for the trust You placed in me and i truly enjoyed being able to host You. i hope we can do it again if Mistress would like and it is convenient. i am always open to feedback as i really want to serve as best i can. It makes me happy :)

That said i reveled in our adventure. Quite the arc of an evening! Your wit, appreciation and joie brought a smile every moment. Your kindness to lola continues to make me feel so special. i loved the bar right up to the moment where we exited with a bang (completely their loss but still a memorable moment!) And being subjected to Your cruel attentions was spectacular in so many ways. Your beauty entrances and astonishes me continually. There were moments that i can still feel reverberating within me, and i think they always will.  Our time together has inflamed and deepened my submissiveness to You. 

i remain in thrall and can't wait till the next chance to share a well-disciplined moment with Mistress. Thank You so much


PS i am unlikely to regard crisps in quite the same way ever again.
PPS A few remembrances"

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Top End To The Very Bottom

As a woman of little pretensions I always try to keep the mundane middle at bay. For Mistress it is either the top or the very bottom - not suggesting that One would ever be at 'the bottom' as a being.

And so it was on an October evening when I met My latest lady friend, for she can indeed put on such pretensions and very well too.

At the posh and upbeat eatery where we were to meet I was made to wait by ten minutes whilst Madam apparently battled her way through the traffic but traffic would not save her later on, for such delays and sorry excuses would be later be met with the cross end of My mood, hand and strap on.

Draped in a russet shawl to match her newly acquired auburn bob she did look stunning I have to admit and at a glance, a fairly good look even, many may not have guessed what lay beneath those luscious layers.

We ate, we drank, caught up on life as though the oldest of girl friends despite this being only our second meeting. And soon we departed for the lower end of the scale.

Once back to the room, I wasted not a second in opening My suitcase of nasty things (although there was a quick D/s tango or two to a few Marlene favourites) before the ambience really turned blue.

The tension in the room grew as so did My new appendage in the form of a delightful strap on. lola was from thereon in taken like the slut she needed to be, first up the hotel window, exposed and heavy with submissive lust and then strewn across the bed (see above image), that sissy cunny once again exercised before I got her into My much favoured leather arm binder making her lipsticked mouth work hard. In the sticky end lola proved to be the perfect slutty maid in clearing up her own and Mistresses mess before escorting Me to My carriage.

We meet again soon and soon she will, once again, be mine.


Monday, 22 October 2018

Chaste For Mistress - The Latest Testimonial

Courtesy and the will to powerlessness always gets the sub somewhere, in One's world anyway. This chastity subbie was a fabulous new project that I will be taking to further lengths with all the dominant pleasure that I will afford him. Read on as to how appreciated I was knowing that I will be again in the not to far off future.

'Dear Mistress,
I am still breathless from our encounter last week - you contributed so much more than I ever expected. The fact that you were wicked, funny, intelligent and beautiful made it all the more amazing.
I learnt many things about myself - more practice needed (!), my attraction to feet and beautiful bottoms, and how I can learn to trust and submit ( more practice needed!)
Your intuition was wonderful, and your patience with this nervous subbie even more so.
And, thank you for sharing with me - I feel privileged.
And, what a feeling when the click of the lock sounded in the room....

The Secret Sissy Salon - Sissy Party Central London

Launching this November 24th at The Queens Of London dungeon/chambers. The Secret Sissy Salon is an afternoon and evening of; transformation, followed by an alternative afternoon tea party with sordid parlour games to follow leading into a deeply perverse fetish play evening including such niceties as forced bi, bondage etc.,. There will be chance to extend your stay by two hours for the strap on finale should you be the ultimate party sissy stay out slut. Following on from the success of our Forced Bi parties this will be a sissy event to remember.

Hosted by house Mistresses Madam Helle and The Cruel Adventuress there will be a third high profile guest Mistress joining us to make sure all sissies get a thorough seeing to. Places are limited and we will NOT oversubscribe so leaving it until the last minute may find you a disappointed lady. 

By Madam Helle's express wish there will be room for two overnight sissy lock ins with the chance to extend their stay the next day. 

Set within an intimate, Edwardian styled dungeon in Paddington/Hyde Park there are limited places so early booking will ensure your slot - if you leave it too late will you chance being left out of all the delightful and perverse fun. 

Respecting everyones limits there will be a house safe word in force and we demand that every attendee respects each others limits too.

Tickets start at 150 pounds for the 4-8pm event and an additional 100 pounds is required for the additional 2 hour 8-10pm strap on special.

Enquiries regarding Madam Helle's sissy lock in should be made on application.

A deposit of 50 pounds is required for the 4-8pm with a 75 deposit for the six hours. Pending numbers there may be a possibility for the 2 hour strap on only at 150 pounds - these tickets shall be released nearer the date if available.

So make haste and join us at the splendid Secret Sissy Salon this November.

The Secret Sissy Salon
Saturday 24th November
Queens Of London dungeon, Paddington, W2
Entry: 150-250 pounds

EMAIL: mssadiest@gmail.com

Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Splendid & The Sordid

Excitement, luxury and a descent into the sordid occured, to Mistress's delight this very week. Read the words from the submissive sissy lola who was granted not only an audience with yours cruelly, but a damned good going over...


Thank You for a most fabulously sordid evening! Indeed a cruel adventure :) 
If i can simply say, You did bring me back to myself last night. Our play was exciting and challenging and just fun. You have so many talents that it left me gasping for more. You are a wonderfully strong, powerful woman with great presence. On top of that, to pun slightly, and i hope not to be too forward here, You radiate concern and engagement even as You dominate. Its an amazing combination.
i do hope to have more opportunities to experience Your presence. As it turns out i will be back in London October 

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Like But Unequal Minded

There is nothing more pleasing than a grovelling male, those types that from the onset assume their positions and take what is meted out, with gratitude. The ones who are in need of a cool, calculating, sophisticated and mean Ice Queen to be their cool, calculating, sophisticated and mean Ice Queen.

Motivation can become an obstacle after years of being a BDSM player some years it is true but when I am presented with the above I am as motivated as those early years - even more so now as I do not session/play that frequently, despite my pro Domme status. Using my powers of both the mind and the body I enjoy nothing more than taking the sub male on a journey, one of wicked delights and cruel surprises: whether it be over two hours, a day or some prolonged status of time there are plenty of ways in which I will take you on the path to submissive heaven. Respecting boundaries, limits and experience comes with the territory as does My need to Dominate the submissive in every way possible.

To get into the space W/we have to be like minded but W/we have, also, to be unequally minded - that, I know, is crucial.

Cruel love,
The Cruel Adventuress

For session enquiries see My site and contact Mistress after reading.